Container testing station is located in closed building equipped with 16 T crane which allows trials regardless of weather conditions and provides the right conditions during trials.

Station enables testing of 10’, 20’, 30’ and 40’ containers in accordance with the PN-ISO 668 and containers of non-standard size in the range of max. width of 2600 mm and max. height 3100 mm.
Containers trials are carried out according to PN-ISO 1496-1 and may includes:

  1. Stacking test
  2. Lifting by top corner fittings
  3. Lifting by bottom corner fittings
  4. Longitudinal restraint test
  5. Strengh of front walls test
  6. Strengh of side walls test
  7. Roof panel test
  8. Floor test
  9. Rigidity (tranverse)
  10. Rigidity longitudinal
  11. Lifting from fork lift pockets
  12. Weathertightness

Containers tests may be supervised by freely chosen association (eg PRS, LLOYD, DNV GL – Gdynia etc. )


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